The Consortium Team
The Consortium Team

At Consortium Team, we shape the exceptional. Our expertise blends diverse techniques with top-tier materials like fine wood veneers, marbles, and steel or brass ironwork. This fusion creates sophisticated and unique works. We thrive on solving technical challenges. Our diverse teams work closely with architects, designers, and artists, bringing our expertise in design and execution. This synergy breathes life into innovative projects in building interiors, covering interior carpentry, cabinet making, custom furniture creation, glasswork, marble work, and refined decorative finishes. Our mission is to contribute to creating interior spaces that combine aesthetics and functionality. We achieve this by harmoniously integrating traditional craftsmanship with modern design. A concrete example of this fusion is our ability to transform classic materials into contemporary design elements, thus adding a unique touch to each space. Each project is an ode to innovation for us. We strive to transmute artistic and architectural visions into tangible realities, creating spaces that are not only functional and aesthetic but also tell a story – the story of creativity and a passion for exceptional craftsmanship.

Fresh news
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The Wood-Ed Table, the future in carpentry teaching

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The Consortium Team develops innovative project for Vectuel.

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The Earth is an Architecture explores architecture as a process of world development.

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The XYZ Lounge opens in Ghent, Belgium.

The Consortium Team